My name is Chris Teague, and as you have probably gathered, I’m a professional freelance illustrator and comic artist.

My medium of choice is digital, and so I use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD alongside programs like Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Designer, and Adobe Photoshop as my primary tools.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve undergone an apprenticeship, drawn a magazine cover, a blog logo, a few pieces for charity, as well as a few fun little side projects – like Christmas cards, comic covers, pet portraits, and a series of country music artist portraits.

(You can see all of this and more by checking out my portfolio here:

As of this writing, I’m finishing up a children’s book and resuming work on a comic book, between smaller commissions.

I’m also developing a personal comic book project that I will reveal more details on as soon as I’ve finished the final touches on the script for Issue #1.

Currently, I’m an active member of Nashville Creative Group.

This blog will chronicle my ongoing professional career and the projects I’m working on (with my clients’ consent) or projects I’ve completed.