Working on an illustration of my D&D group, “Silver Phoenix”

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Silver Phoenix – Pencils

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Illustrating my first children’s book

Back in November 2018, I was offered the chance to illustrate a children’s book by my husband’s colleague, a school teacher. She had initially used her publisher’s staff illustrator but decided to look elsewhere for the artwork.

My source material was an 18-page manuscript written in the 1990’s about a boy (based on the author’s son) who gets a kitten for his birthday. The kitten gets lost, and the rest of the story follows the boy’s efforts to find it.

Though I had not anticipated doing a project like this when I started freelancing, I was excited for the challenge and the chance to try a new style.

Character Design

To begin with, Ms. Majtyka was after a very particular style, something akin to the Little Golden Books. This involved communicating a bit with her, doing research on Pinterest, and then providing a few options to choose from.

Different styles for the main character, Teddy

After deciding she liked #2 the best, I sketched out the remainder of the cast of characters in that style – Teddy’s mom, the cat, and 3 of Teddy’s neighborhood friends.

The cast of Teddy’s Birthday Present


After getting approval on my character designs, the next step was looking at the manuscript and sketching out new compositions for each page.

Over the course of a few months, I worked and reworked these sketches, then presented them to Ms. Majtyka.

Final Art & Layout

I had been thinking throughout this time about what colors I should use. I made a couple of test palettes, and settled on a mix of bright saturated colors that strongly contrasted one another.

I also knew that the author wanted a hand-drawn feel, even though I was working in vectors, so I surrounded nearly every shape with a thick textured stroke, and applied a few gradated textures to elements of the background.

After a few rounds of emails and tweaks, I got final approval on the artwork, and sent the files off to the publisher.

Time will tell whether Teddy’s Birthday Present will come flying off the book store shelves, but for me, this project has been a success in terms of trying something new and working with a creative collaborator.



My name is Chris Teague, and as you have probably gathered, I’m a professional freelance illustrator and comic artist.

My medium of choice is digital, and so I use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD alongside programs like Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Designer, and Adobe Photoshop as my primary tools.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve undergone an apprenticeship, drawn a magazine cover, a blog logo, a few pieces for charity, as well as a few fun little side projects – like Christmas cards, comic covers, pet portraits, and a series of country music artist portraits.

(You can see all of this and more by checking out my portfolio here:

As of this writing, I’m finishing up a children’s book and resuming work on a comic book, between smaller commissions.

I’m also developing a personal comic book project that I will reveal more details on as soon as I’ve finished the final touches on the script for Issue #1.

Currently, I’m an active member of Nashville Creative Group.

This blog will chronicle my ongoing professional career and the projects I’m working on (with my clients’ consent) or projects I’ve completed.